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For over a decade, I have worked for corporate clients of all sizes.

As we grow up the ladder, our responsibilities increase, and fun decreases. We spend more time in energy-sucking activities than in the productive work routine we were used to.

Then one day, you decide to attend a casual after-work party, and the young lads are all gaga about a latest cool gadget that they can’t stop talking about. You have no idea what it is; as you oversee a critical technological division, asking them the details is a little embarrassing.

You are not the only one feeling this way.

Every senior executive lives in constant fear of becoming outdated unless they have a strategy to keep up with the trends.

On the other hand, if you have decided to take the entrepreneurial route and want to build a side hustle, you need to stay updated to find the next big opportunity or use your existing skills to start your business.

Technology is changing rapidly and at a pace that is hard to catch up with. Add that to the everyday commitments at work and home, and you have a perfect recipe for fast burnout.

“The NonConformist Techie” helps busy individuals stay up to date with -

  1. The latest trends in technology.

  2. News on newsworthy Tech companies.

  3. Actionable tips on starting successful side hustles.

If you are looking for anything else, this newsletter will be a disappointment.

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Ruby Valappil
Solopreneur | Content Creator for Tech SMBs | Scaling business @ rubykv.com